Immediately after the match, you should consume the same training/workout formula you consumed 30 minutes before your match, and then 1-1.5hrs later consume a full meal equivalent to your pre-game whole food meal. The proper pre- and post-training/workout formula taken 30min before and immediately after activity allows you to recover faster and more completely than if not using the mixes. Your pre/post workout shake should contain higher carbohydrate, moderate protein and low fat (see below for timing and ideal formula). Your post-match meal is consumed 1-1.5hrs after the event consisting of ~60% carbohydrate (pasta, potatoes, rice, breads, vegetables, etc.) 20% protein (lean meats/poultry/fish, soy, etc.) 20% fat (naturally from the proteins, sauces or dressings). Below is the proper timing of food and supplement intake elite athletes follow. Additionally, using the dotFIT program, you can design your ideal sports nutrition plan including athletic menus individualized for you with proper protein requirements, meal timing and complete food plans with the correct mix of protein, fats and carbohydrates. Simply fill in your personal statistics, set your weight goal and create your program. The program will automatically give you pre- and post-event eating plans including instructions.

Training meals and supplement timing instructions:

• Pre-training/event full food meal consumed ~2-3 hours before your major activity

– If you train first thing in the morning with no time for full meal, use pre-workout formula only

• Pre-workout shake/bar: consume 10-40 min before activity

• Post- workout shake/bar (same formula as the pre): immediately after workout

• Post-training/event full food meal consumed ~1-2HRS post training

dotFIT Pre/Post Meal Replacement & Workout Formula

• Take 2 scoops 10-40 minutes before workout or use favorite dotFIT® bar for convenience

• Take 2 scoops (or dotFIT bar) immediately post workout

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